Friday, May 18, 2018

The award goes to this odious fucker Gurney. 6-2 up on the dutch hunchback in the Euro tour final and completely bottled it.
The moment Hunchback made it 6-3 I knew it was over and as soon as Gurney with his autistic grin started looking down on the floor even Stevie fucking Wonder could see the cunt was going to choke. Hunchback must have been pissing himself knowing it was a certainty he was going to come back and win. When gurney managed to get more match darts he shat his load.

It was only fitting the most boring Premier League in years was capped off with a boring Finals night, as the inevitable win for the mongo dutch cunt. It would not surprise me if viewing figures that night dropped as soon as Hunchback went 3-0 up on Bellyboy.
The highlight of the night for me was the vile Dutch cunt with his mongo features, wet rubber lips and grunting like the missing link claimed "After the world championship this is the biggest one".

Except its not, after the World championships then comes the Majors, events like the Matchplay, Grand Prix and UK Open.
The reason the hunchback did not claim the Matchplay was the second biggest was because he is not the holder of the Matchplay, as Taylor won the last one.
He could have said the Grand Prix, but skipped that  because, guess what, he lost in the last one of them to John Henderson, he ignored the UK Open as well, maybe cos he got his arse handed to him in that as well , by De Zwaan.
 So who was he trying to convince with his retarded claim  by calling the PL the biggest comp after the worlds. ?
The Premier League is not only a glorified Exbo, its also non ranking that dishes out invites.
It had people like Vermin Price who it seems did not average above 93 for the entire PL.Other players like Barney there because of favoritism and not on anything he done of note.
Maybe Hunchback was trying to convince himself . The only Major the Premier League was this year was a Major letdown. As I have mentioned before I find the euro tour more exciting, and even the streamed floor championships are a better watch than the PL.

But the worst watch of all is the shit in the BDO.
Last weekend the Welsh Open was on. I remember Popcorn teeth years ago trying to have a dig at the PDC over music, fancy dress, walk on girls, till the BDO tried to copy them.,...and of course made a complete mess out of it. The walk ons last weekend at the Welsh Open were a thing of comedy gold , as "freed from desire" the song the PDC previously used was blasted out over the atrocious speakers, the players made their way through a puny crowd full of muck savages who could not give a fuck as they were too busy horsing pints in a hall that looked like the playroom of some special needs school from the 1970s.
The PDC's Dave Clarke must have been doing the camera work as it wobbled and bounced more than Anca Ziljstra on a trampoline. The munters final  saw an average in the 60s, and an average in the 70s was enough to win it.
The men were better, as a low 80s average was enough to win this "major".
Andy Hamilton reached the final....let that sink in...Andy Hamilton, yers the same Hamilton who lost his tourcard, could not win a game, and turns up in the BDO and reaches a Final.....and did so with the same shit form he lost continually in the PDC with.

If that is not an indication how bad things are in the BDO nothing is. My only disappointment in the entire comedy event was Hamilton not winning it and making it even more funny.
Wait til the CatasTrophy starts,  I am already laughing about this already.
Wonder if the milkmen are still giving out the flyers for the BDO.

Friday, May 11, 2018

You got to hand it to Popcorn Teeth, her scumbag cunt cuckold husband the rest of the morons on the BDO Board who if they are going out, are doing so with a bang.

You could really not make up the shit I heard this week. Milkmen in Preston are now handing out flyers for the BDO clusterfuck World Darts CatasTrophy. Priceless
Whats next, a "my space " page to advertise this fiasco. These cunts are so backwards and stuck in the last century it is hilarious.
Seems the channel "freesports" will be showing the WDT. That means the black curtains will be taken out of mothballs and hung up to divide up the empty hall. Lights will be turned off in order to hide Belgian Jackie and the 6 other fans that will be there.
You know just how insignificant "freesports" is when you do not even know if you have that channel.
The best part is the BDO are paying them I heard.
Unlike in the superior PDC where multiple tv networks are lining up to pay the PDC, the BDO are paying some obscure channel to shit this shit in some pathetic vanity project.
No sign of a sponsor for this either, so expect this clusterfuck to lose a fortune like the previous ones.

The qualifiers for the live comedy event started today, and was great to hear the BDO beggars who would come crawling for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam of Darts  before being battered by PDC players, the likes of that bearded prick Adams, the obese and visually disgusting Andy Fordham were sent packing by jobbers not only from the PDC but useless fuckers who failed at Q-school.
Matt Padgett wrote after his defeat today......

As one person wrote on a darts forum today, this blog writes itself thanks to the complete failures by the BDO. What the fuck was the referee doing ? or was there even a ref there or an official ?
I am sure some scummy cunt fan will say it does not matter as long as they had a good time.Getting pissed is all what BDO events are, Lakeshite being a prime example.
Speaking of mentally unstable retarded cunts, check out this stupid cow.
 Normally I don't highlight the levels of idiocy among the scum of the BDO or I might be here all weekend, but chose that because of what the stupid cow wrote next.
Typical type of vile woman that you associate with the BDO, common, scum, thick as pig shit and mouthy with zero class. Like the moron Roy Pryor, if either of them took the time to read before they ran their mouth they would know I have never mentioned kids on this blog, but hey, why let that get in the way of a ignorant cow making threats. This is yet another example of what I always say and have been proven right about.
Thick uneducated common scum when confronted with their own words, actions and behavior their first reaction is to issue threats and prove they are exactly what I say they are.
What will they do when they read this ?
And make no mistake, they keep coming back to read this site so they can complain, and then issue threats proving me right each time.

Anyhow enough about the scum of the BDO., on to the proper darts.
I did not watch the Premier League  this week bar the last few legs of the Ando -v- Hunchback match and always a delight to see Hunchback lose.

Special mention for Adrian Lewis, who appears to be getting worse instead of improving.
He lost to Jan Dekker who looked like dutch homosexual version of that drink driving tosspot in Ant and Dec. Fat was lucky to win the most of the 4 legs he did win with his scabby 82 average.
I like Fatpot but it is seriously looking bleak for the lazy fucker now who looked out of shape and sweating like Gary Glitter in Toys 'r Us. He seriously needs to address his current slide in the rankings.

Choke of the day had to go to that Belgian jobber Mike de Decker, who went 2-0 up on Terry Savalas Jenkins and then promptly did a Paula Radcliffe impersonation and lost 6 legs on the trot and ended up with an average in the 70s - bdo -esque

The Steve Beaton Jeffrey giraffe match was utter shit, at one point Jeffrey hit double 3 going for treble 19. he last time I saw legs that bad they were under a blanket in a wheelchair

Friday, May 4, 2018

Usually for Knob of the Week I accentuate the flaws, highlight the inadequacies,  try add some colorful language and some comedic element when it comes to the winner.
This week there is no need as their own actions, or in some cases lack of actions  have made the reading  both hilarious and embarrassing but all the while true.

The winner goes to the BDO, its board, its delegates, its county officials, its players, its fans and everyone connected to these complete collection of mutants after the news that has so far come out in regards to the EGM held last weekend.
The main news was the amount of money lost, but back to that in a bit, Sports Direct who were supposed sponsors of recent Catas Trophies paid the BDO the grand total of ZERO.
Yer the BDO board informed its own delegates that the prize funds were being covered by the sponsors. The board proven yet again to be liars.
The last 2 World Darts catasTrophies lost nearly £200k. As for the upcoming one, no mention on how much that is going to cost, and all questions regarding TV were quickly deflected as nothing was confirmed.

It appears the BDO also lost £80k on the 2017 Winmau Masters, which suggests Winmau gave then fuckall bar a few dartboards. As for the 2018 Winmau Masters, they don't even have a venue for it as both their first choice and second choice are not available.

To compound the lies by the BDO mentioned earlier, they lied to their own delegates numerous times, as they were told that Frank Warren was signing a deal, but no such deal exists.
The lied to their own delegates a third time when they claimed that Channel 4 was resigning the deal for Lakeshite in February. The BDO board caught lying yet again could not confirm  this either.
In fact there was no confirmation that Lakeshite will be used for the 2019 Bob Potter cup.

But this is the kicker....when the BDO Board were exposed as a bunch of proven liars and, some of delegates...some of the very same retarded delegates who were lied to by the board, then tried to defend Popcorn teeth and her cunt husband useless cunts and claimed those exposing the facts were out of order and making it a personal attack upon the Williams.

This sums up everything about the BDO Board, a bunch of useless lying cunts hoodwinking and brainwashing their delegates, and when  the members want to know why the BDO is in the state it is in, the same lied to delegates try to shut down any queries and blame those who want honesty and transparency as the ones causing trouble.
As I said last week, Des Selecta could not be any worse than the Williams, no one could, although Des Selecta is another proven liar himself as he once stated on a darts forum it was never his intention to take over the BDO.
Then being a liar earns you respect it seems in the bdo, it kept the Williams in a job for years.

As for the upcoming clusterfuck that is the World Darts Trophy, ticket sales are still abysmal, and some players cannot be even arsed to attend. Richard Veenstra pulled out as his village are having a fair and he would rather attend that....this is not a joke. I am deadly serious.

If I am honest I am glad the bdo is in the shit it is in, as the players, counties fans etc deserve every single bit of it, they allowed it to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

The reality is if channel 4 tell the BDO to fuck off, or if Bob Potter dies, the BDO are going to be in even more shit, as everyone knows the game is up.
Any player today with a spinal column, testicular fortitude, ability and ambition would not be in the BDO., hence why the bdo is full of washed up PDC players, pub players, kids, and munters.

Was going to write some stuff about the Premier League but cannot be arsed as it was another meaningless week, and next week wont be worth fuckall other that dictate the order of the top 4 which is already sorted as in who plays who on finals night.

See Stephen bunting jobbed to Kirk Shephard earlier today in the Euro tour. I remember when the obese scouse loving jobber first went to the PDC and people were falling over themselves claiming he was a top 8 player.
One physically and emotionally stunted poisonous cunt who reads this blog even claimed at the time that there was "only 2 players in the world better than bunting". When it was pointed out to him he was not as good as Ian White, let alone a top 10 player, the BDO simpletons came scurrying to the defense of bunting because these fucking morons thought because he won a Bob Potter Cup he must therefore be good.I read that thread again and was comedy gold.
Every year the winner of the January Jobber Jamboree at Bob's Palace of Piss gets rolled out as some sort of top class  player
Christian Kist won a Bob Potter cup, and it seems he went from October 2017 to may 2018 without winning a game in the PDC. BDO retards now think Durrant, McGeeney etc are top players, its the same every year. Look at McGeeneys and Phantom of the Opera's records against PDC players and it makes pitiful reading for them.
Even Barney the most successful player in the BDO after the split has not won a ranking TV major in over a decade. The BDO bomb every year in the Grand Slam, and if you removed Scott Waites the record for all the remaining bdo jobbers makes for atrocious reading.

Speaking of the Grand Slam, the trophy is to be named after Eric Bristow. I understand the Worlds and the Matchplay trophies are named after Waddell and Taylor, but surely if you are going to name a trophy after Bristow you would pick a proper Major like the Grand Prix or the UK Open.

The Grand Slam was for most of its history a glorified exbo that was non ranking.
Everyone knew Bristows feelings towards the BDO and totally understandable as the BDO tried to illegally stop him from earning a living after the split,only for the PDC to go and now name a comp that gives free invites to those cap in hand begging bastards after Bristow.. To name that comp that gives handouts to spineless bdo jobbers, after a man that despised the BDO must be a warped joke.

Friday, April 27, 2018

No surprise Popcorn teeth gets the award this week, in which could be the last week she may ever win it with the BDO EGM due for this weekend as she may be out on her ear this weekend.
It is almost impossible to think if the Selecta's take over they could be any worse than the Williams.

The upcoming World Darts Catas Trophy is set to be a complete disaster, and read reports that a total of 87 tickets only have been sold for this clusterfuck. EIGHTY SEVEN TICKETS IN FOUR WEEKS.
Last year they did better, they sold 16 more that and they were only on sale for 8 days and had 3 fewer sessions on offer. It does not take a mathematical genius to work out its backwards they are going.
There is going to be ballet in the hall next door to this clusterfuck and that has sold more tickets than the darts. Ballet > BDO Darts in Preston.
I can see this event being like the BDO Gold Cup final in 2016 that has a huge hall with about 5 people watching. I use to think how the players deserve better but the reality is they don't. They deserves all the shit they get, their fans deserve it, or should I say so called fans since the fans don't buy tickets.These morons call themselves fanatics but wont put their hand in their pocket.
They players, fans, county boards etc, have allowed this shit to happen year in year out so let them reap what you sow.
If popcorn teeth and her cunt of a husband who liked to threaten people are gone this weekend I want the to be the first to thank them for all the years of unintended comedy they have provided us in darts.
I think the comedy under the Selecta's will continue as well though as already this week there was a complete fuck up in the Denmark Open draw, again. I say again as last year the same event fucked up when one of those in charge added the name of  Martin Atkins who not only had not entered but was still back in the UK. I guess they are consistent.

Normally each of the previous weeks I have wrote how I found the Premier League to be the worst one I have seen and the euro tours far more entertaining, this week it was the opposite as it was a dismal euro tour last weekend,
I did enjoy reading how Gerwyn Price cried like a bitch when his fellow coal scavenger beat him in the final. The semi finals were an abysmal standard by euro Tour standard and sucked so much I thought half the crowd would die from oxygen deprivation. As I said last week something needs to be done about the number of home qualifiers for the Euro tours in places like Austria, Denmark and Gibraltar. I would have liked to have seen Mensur win the event like Hopp had done the week before in his "home"country but was not to be.
Chizzy withdrew from the event, someone claimed he was suffering headaches, maybe he got a text where worlds longer than 4 letter were used which caused his brain to implode trying to concentrate.
The absence of MVG was another plus as Euro Tours without him always interest me more.Fair play to Clayton who beat some in form players om his route to the win in Hopp, Wade , White and Mensur.

On to the Premier League, I better not mention a 50 year old dressed like a fucking clown getting hammered 7-1, as the last time I did, he cried on social media about it, and upset the delicate snowflake, so wont dwell on his 4th 7-1 hammering of the PL campaign. Barney failed to make finals night but he could finish bottom of the league every year and will always get undeservedly invited back. With the top 4 almost assured it makes the next week of the PL hardly worth the bother of watching.

No word on Chizzy yet if he will beat the PDC World Cup to partner Cross, and should he miss it Bellyboy will be next in line barring Wade does the double this weekend in the Players Champs events and that might not be enough.
I dont mind Bellyboy but he is too inconsistent, after his hammering of Krusty it was almost expected he would bomb against MVG, and sure enough he did.

I am also considering changing the name of the Knob of the Week award to the Sue Williams award for her contributions over the years.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Simon Shitlock...played 3 lost 3
Lost to Barney on the Wednesday, and twice on the Thursday, picking up 2 just legs in total in the the 2 games losing to Bellyboy and Daryl gurney,
Gurney himself was playing his third game after he lost twice in Rotterdam and reckon had he played anyone else he would have been zero out of 3 as well.
I hope this finally puts an end to the Aussie Catweazel ever appearing in the Premier League again.
His participation along with the likes of Vermin Price and the hypoglygemic postman made it the worst Premier League I have ever witnessed
Granted it is only a glorified exbo due to its invitational and non ranking status, but prior to this year it was always something worth watching.

Of course Barney did the double on the Wednesday and Thurday,and which means we will get to watch him in the Premier League until he dies in a diabetic coma. We all know once it is back to the regular tour the lazy bastard won't do a thing  again, will boycott floor championships, avoid euro tours and his miserable sweaty head will be stinking up tv comps for the year, until November of course when he makes a statement about how he will be doing the full tour next year and promptly lie as usual.
As for him winning a genuine ranking TV title, something he has not won in over a decade, there is zero chance of that .
To be honest I am glad he is a lying cunt and not entering the comps this year he previously said he would be entering as the euro tours are better without him stinking up the comps.

Speaking of the Euro Tours, the ones held in Austria seriously need to be reviewed in terms of the number of home qualifiers that should be allowed enter. They had 5 places this weekend and only one player managed an average above 80.

Take a look at this shit
HNQ1 Bastian Pietschnig - 70.44
HNQ2 Hannes Schnier - 85.79
HNQ3 Dietmar Burger - 77.68
HNQ4 Roxy-James Rodriguez - 66.31
HNQ5 Alex Steinbauer -76.40

An overall Average of 75.32....

I was going to say BDO standard, but all the Austrians lost, if it were bdo standard they might have won with those averages.

I expect the same when it comes to Gibraltar, and now that Denmark is hosting a euro tour we will get Danish jobbers clogging the comp up and making the first day like some bdo comp. The whole Gibraltar one is a joke,and has a pathetic crowd of only about 500....something the bdo wish they had at their upcoming CatasTrophy.

Seems the bdo have managed to shift about 20 tickets in the last 2 weeks for this "major".
God bless the BDO for all the comedy laughs they give us.

Was pleasing to see the hunchbacked cunt MVG get beat twice this week in the PL. Well done to the 50 year old man dressed like a fucking clown who beat MVG, and who earlier this week cried about this blog and social media laws, odd how he has no problem when his wife runs her mouth on social media.
Still all his crying on twitter did help promote this site and see views increase.

Ex con Chris Mason who loves to stick his oar in everything got upset again this week the little snowflake after Peter Wright complained about this blog, and when Mason got told a few home truths about how he is a scumbag ex con,information freely available to anyone with a quick internet search. his first reaction in typical scumbag form is to act like a cunt.

If that scummy cunt thinks he is gonna intimidate me he has another thing coming, or maybe he might start threatening me again and prove my initial point in the first place how scums first reaction is to threaten violence.

I wonder what ITV would think if they found out that an ex con they employed had threatened people with violence,was busy stalking my familys facebook accounts looking for my personal details and even publicly seeking my addres,someone they previously threatened.
He better hope they dont find out.
All this proves is not only is he as scummy as I first highlighted, but he is as thick as pigshit as well.
oh wait, he might get upset and issue another threat, afterall he is back sucking up in the bdo these days, the same bdo he once called car crash tv, and we all know how those cunts love issuing threats as well.

You have to stand back in awe at these people in darts, from mason to the selecta's to the williams that act like hardmen, issue threats of violence, stalk my family, go to the police, threaten me with legal action etc...but cry like fucking bitches when I highlight their flaws, mistakes, records and activities. You dont see me threaten to sue, issue threats of violence, or seek their home addresses. or stalk their family members know why ?...........because I am not scum like them.

Monday, April 16, 2018

I see that Peter Wright has been crying like a bitch on social media since last night over my blog claiming there should be laws on social media.after he read a recent entry where he won Knob of the Week.
Odd that he can spew what he likes on the very same social media, and his trouble making wife can run her mouth on the same social media but that is ok, but I am the one that should be banned according to him.

Lets get one thing clear, I am entitled to my opinion and lets deal with some other facts here.
Here is a man almost 50 years old, with a huge potbelly going around dressed like a fucking idiot or a freak from a mental home or circus. Not only do I think that, but I am entitled to say it.You only have to read the darts forums on the net to see Wright is laughed at throughout the world.
Maybe if he wants people to not laugh at him, then stopping dressing like a retard.

Here is another fact that he cried like a bitch over, he did not like me mentioning how he got raped 3 weeks in a row 7-1 in the Premier League, are we suppose to not be allowed mention when the painted simpleton acts like a jobber.

Or did he get upset when I mentioned another fact like how during his game with Englishman Rob Cross in Scotland the Scottish fans  would rather cheer the Englishman than cheer for Wright,what does that say about Wright.

Take the scumbag Chris Mason who is busy rimming Peter Wright. He acting like he is some kind of nice person, while having a pop at me., Unlike Chris Mason I dont have multiple convictions, court appearances, and most certainly not a prison record,. The same Chris Mason who needed 2 friends carrying  hammers to attack one guy in his own home has the audacity to lecture on decency.Cunt should be happy he has a job with ITV. and careful he does not lose it.
What is he going to do when he reads this, threaten me with violence yet again and only prove my initial point about the scum in darts.

I have never threatened anyone with violence, have broke no laws, and I am entitled to my opinion.
This site has been reported to the police, the hosts etc in the past and still exists because I have broken no laws.
We have read for years how Darts is the working mans game , I don't believe that anymore as the main reason anyone cries over my blog is because who it is aimed at and the colorful language.The number of people offended by swear words has reached epidemic levels. Guess it must be all this political correctness where every pathetic excuse of a man is trying to fit in all act offended when they hear swearing.

Peter Wright is not exempt from been criticised and if he does not like my facts, style and colorful language I suggest he heed the notice at the top of the page "If you are easily offended..Fuck Off"

I  hope Peter Wrights fans who are busy kissing his ass on twitter and having a go at me realize the hypocrisy in how they can also say what they want but its somehow only an issue  when its something they dont like.

And lastly thanks to Peter Wright and his retarded suck up fans who cried so much about the blog they shared the link non stop, the views went through the roof for a 24 hour period.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sky TV wins it this week, because yet again this year they were the ones who picked that useless cunt Barneveld for the Premier League.
The 2018 PL saw 6 new players come in, and of the 4 who remained from 2017 one of them was Sky pick Barney, sick shit looking at that miserable cunt every week. This has been the worst PL I have ever seen. It took Bristow to snuff it for Barney to show any motivation this week and that lasted a whole 2 legs before he rolled over and jobbed in 2 games. Its not like the PL need this prick to sell tickets for the PL in Holland anymore. Its over 11 years since he won a televised ranking major and every year he is undeserving of a spot. He cannot even qualify for the Euro Tours, pulls out of Players champs, sliding down the rankings and no sign of the cunt being fucked out of the PL

Peter Wright came out on stage in the PL with his "tribute" to Bristow on the side of his ugly scalp.
I am sure if Bristow was alive he would be the first to snigger at Krustys attempts to draw attention to himself first and foremost. If you are gonna dress like a spastic with drawings on your head in the hope people watch you, then its best you dont throw like a jobber. Gary Anderson spent the match smiling at pretend jock cunt as he beat him with ease, and should have won 7-0
Thank fuck for the euro Tours and streamed players champs as the Premier League has been the pits.

I saw on a darts forum an official from the EDO was still trying to make excuse for the shambles where the EDO could not send an England team to the World Cup. Tommy the Jew's lackey spouted nonsense like financial reasons. Yep they had 4 years to get a team ready..FOUR FUCKING YEARS.
Then money being short is not a new thing to an organisation Tommy the Jew ran, this is the same guy who ran Lancashire Darts and failed to notice his treasurer Irene Mungins steal tens of thousands from under his nose to stick in a slot machine.
All his love and passion for the game does not negate the fact he is simply not fit to run a bath.
Then that side of the game seems to reward ineptitude and stupidity.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that tickets for World Darts CatasTrophy were still not selling.Seems Des Selecta traipsing around taxi ranks and cafes putting up shitty posters has not captured the imagination of fans.
Of course the so called "tens of thousands of fanatics" cannot be arsed to buy a ticket to the darts they claim to be fanatic about..
My hope is the BDO waste more money and pay some shitty little channel to show this so I can laugh at the empty arena, shit darts etc, or else they wont show it on tv and still try to convince people its a major.
Thats it for this week as I go lie down and deal with this hangover.