Friday, February 16, 2018

In a quite week the award goes to this useless dutch postman cunt.
Its like being stuck in a time loop with this hypoglycemic cunt. Every November he runs his mouth how the new year will be a new start and he is going to take things serious, and play the full tour etc, which is all done in order to make it appear he actually gives a flying shit for when he is undeservedly picked every year for the Premier League. When December starts we get around 2 decent performances, before the inevitable head shake and his blubbering excuses and he fucks off home to tulip land. Sure enough he gets a PL spot  and for what ? This lazy cunt has not won a PDC televised ranking major in ELEVEN YEARS. I know Fatpot and Wade probably deserved to be dropped from the PL, but Barney should have joined them as well. To leave out a souble world champion, and a multiple major winner  and leave in Barney stinks not only of favoritism, but a marketing ploy simply because he is dutch.

His performance this week in the PL was a disgrace  and it would not surprise me if there is even worse to come from him. He compounded it tonight by failing to qualify for  the first 2 European Events of the year. He lost in the last 72 ( yes 72)  his first match of the night to Ross Twell, and failed in the second qualifier when he jobbed to a coal scavenger dwarf. No not Gerwyn Price, the other one Johnny Clayton. Was a bady night for the slag heap dwelling sheepshaggers as Pot Noodle boy and the shaky plumber as both got their arses handed to them.

Was also good to see the telescope inspector cunt Jamie Cyclops Cave-in fail twice tonight, who knows maybe his brother who doubles for his wife can convince him to challenge me to a game of darts again., he certainly won't be boasting about his income again,  thats for sure as there are people on the fucking dole earning more than that cunt.

A mention for Krusty who proved he can be moody and childish a cunt as his fat wife. I have no problem with anyone who does not want to shake hands with someone else, that is his right, but it was his crying afterwards on twitter where he spoke how he was going to report Cross to the referee. What a whiny bitch. He said
"I would like to apologise to all my true fans for my behaviour last night. But I did shake Robs hand after the match. It was the second had shake I refused, due to issues during the match which I should have brought to the attention of the Ref. Instead I got on with the match."

It was lovely to see Ski slope face lose a 5-1 lead in the PL, he took a break from kissing his necklace to spend the second half of the match in his usual head down, bottom lip sticking out like a down syndrome kid sulking. This cunt has no place in the PL, he has as much charisma as Wes Newton on ketamine. The only draw back was seeing that welsh cunt celebrating a draw. That manlet has a face like a constipated humpty dumpty . Hopefully he will be knocked out of the Premier League as fast as he was knocked out in Cardiff in 2010 when his mouth ended  him up in hospital.

2 players I was glad to see have decent runs of a sort lately has been Ratajski and Hughes both who have failed to win tourcards in their respective Q-schools.. I would rather see those 2 with tourcards over the majority of cunts that won them, and especially those foreign cunts who never use them.
The other side of the coin being those same cunts who won them and never use them at least gives Ratajski and Hughes an opportunity into a few select events, and tonight Hughes did manage to qualify for one Euro Event , so a run in that and the UK Open and his failure to get a tourcard wont be half as bad.

No news from the BDO, as I cant be arsed to go looking for any false promises and lies they might have spewed again this week. Its not like they had any event on tv this month or likely to have any next month either that I could comment on, and to be honest I am glad, as the bdo shit does more damage to the game than good.

And lastly a mention for me. I have not being keeping up with dart news much recently bar last night and the odd viewing of the PL, and believed Dimitri van den Bergh had failed to qualify for the UK Open.
I even gave him  a brief mention prior on here prior to an edit, for failing to qualify......that makes me a knob also for that stupid mistake. Unlike the bdo and others in darts, I have no problem admitting when I fuck up., you wont see me blame others for my mistakes.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Knob of the Week has to go to the DRA. Not for fining Fatpot, but the amount they fined him for his non tv altercation with the Spaniard.
No mention as to why Fatpot did what he did, but it was hardly worthy of the fine he got. You might expect this type of DRA shit from suits who never played the game and were appalled by what Fatpot did but when you consider its people like Richie Gardner, Warriner and Manley who are running the DRA it reeks of shit. I am not excusing what Lewis did, but on the bright side the lazy cunt Lewis  at least showed he is starting to give a shit again.

The fine he got for an incident that was held in a leisure centre not on tv , is the same amount that the cunt Justin Pipe got for blatantly and deliberately cheating live on TV, how in the blue fuck is that comparable ?
These DRA cunts are fining players for the most little things and publicly doing it, except when its players in the "clique" like Taylor was and their punishment is kept secret.

A mention for Rob Cross who lost 7 games on the trot prior to today and was battered by Shitlock in the Premier League, and like Barney and Ando earned zero prior to today, at least Ando had an excuse in that he missed the first 3 events.
Both ando and Cross  made sure of their qualification for the UK Open today, with Ando going all the way and winning the event and getting 10k. To think he won more in an non televised leisure centre event  that was badly streamed earns as much as you can make in a so called "bdo major" shows the diffence in the codes.

Normally I spend some time discussing the goings on in the BDO but not tonight, mainly because I could not be arsed to find out. I have no idea what is going on in the BDO, much like the BDO board themselves.
Even their own deluded mushroom cunts who call themselves fanatics spend more time on their shitty little facebook group discussing PDC matters such is their lack of interest in a code they claim to be fanatic about. I cant really blame them though as the BDO is totally insignificant.
I am sure an announcement of an announcement will be forthcoming and the simple cunts will lap that shit up when it comes, which will no doubt turn to shit like everything else.
The only thing I know in the BDO  this week is that the bearded cunt Adams is back in the England team, and if that is not a sign of how desperate things are , they have Dennis Harbour and Nigel Heydon in the England team, how fucking pitiful is that.
No sign of Phantom of the Opera in the team, probably spending his 100k from Lakeshite getting the badly needed plastic surgery on his bells palsy head. But in he end who cares, another meaningless shit event that that these cretin  would have us believe actually mean anything.

Hunchback seething after he lost to Krusty in the Premier League is always a joy to see, and was lovely seeing the coal scavenging manlet  Price and the depressing Gurney who took time off from giving cunnilingus to his necklace also get beaten thursday night.

Friday, February 2, 2018

 KotW has to go to Gary Anderson who lost this week in the PL
Ando was 5-1 in a best of 12 he had 3 darts for the draw and not only fucks up the leg but loses 6 legs on the trot to lose 7-5.
If I did not know better I would think he had a bet on the game

Then there was Barney, a guy who has not won a ranking tv tournament in over 11 years who still gets invited to the PL while people like double world champ Fatpot cruises the north sea channel.
The funniest part while Barney is from the country known as the house of Orange, he was cheered by the Irish crowd because the he played Gurney who is more an Orange cunt that that lazy postman cunt will ever be.
And as usal the postman failed to deliver , makes you wonder if he failed to deliver when he the same delivering posts.

Did anyone see the abomination of a poster the EDO released last week ?
Not only did they release one fuck up but it appears there has been different versions each one as fucked up as the other.
Here is the one I saw on a forum.

I know not everyone is familiar with computers, photoshop, paint shop, gimp or whatever, but these fuck ups go beyond this, as this is complete levels of retardation. This is not just stupidity but complacency. You just might get away with the green line under the word announcement and pretend it was intentional, but to leave the cursor on the document and still print it takes the biscuit.
They even typed End at the end, these people are so fucking stupid.
But the best of them all was them putting in the town as Woking. It was meant to be Worthing.

The excuses came quick, and the main one being it was late when it was made and they were tired.
Too tired to notice a green line ? A cursor that should not be there, a word that should not be there, or getting the name of the town wrong ?
These are the people responsible for Darts in England.

Also a mention for Warty, who spewed this nonsensical bullshit this week in an artivle in the Daily Record when he said

“I’m not going to lie, Q-School did cross my mind,” The Boss admitted.

“But a couple of things stopped me. The chance to beat Jocky’s record is a big reason and I also gave my word to the organiser of a new tournament in the BDO, the West-Fries Open, that I would play in it, so I didn’t want to go back on that promise.”

The West Fries Open....who the fuck is he kidding ?

Friday, January 26, 2018

A few people suggested to me that Jamie Hughes should win Knob of the Week for failing to get out of Q-school. If honest I was not surprised he failed to get out, all those people who thought he was decent because he was the BDO#3 had no idea.
Being the third best in an organisation that is shit means fuckall when you try swim with the big boys in the PDC, as it transpired the bdo #3 could not swim with the Q-school jobbers .
So now if he goes back to the BDO cannot play on Bobs piss soaked floorboards at Lakeshite.
That said he wont be winning Knob of the Week because despite his failure I admire the lad for at least having the balls and backbone to give it a go.
Unlike other cunts like that bearded prick Adams, the poisonous dwarf cunt Warty and others who stayed in the shit BDO trying to convince themselves they were some sort of decent players, Hughes at least wanted to try his arm at the PDC and did so while he is still young enough that he might yet make it., and I hope he does.

Fitton wins Knob of the Week for more or less the same reason Tony O Shea won it last week for leaving it til it was too late, although I think even in his so called prime he would have jobbed, like every player in the bdo who is hailed as great, until he jobs in the PDC and then the excuses of how he lost form comes out. Those that switch and do eventually make it, have to get used to the fact players don't roll over and die when faced with a 90 average in the PDC unlike the BDO, in some cases it can take years for players to reach their potential, or in some cases never make it and fuck off back to the BDO.
The fact Fitton took a day off to play in an exbo shows either he thought he would have won a card by then when the gig was planned, or simply he knew the game was up and he had zero chance of ever making it if Q-school ran for a fucking year.I reckon he thought he would stroll it, but after day one realized how far out of his depth he was.
It also also hard to feel any sympathy for Fitton, cos like O Shea he spent many many years buying the lies and bullshit the BDO force fed him.

Dave Clarke got nominated for the PDC Hall of fame....yes, that useless cunt.
Before the PC brigade cunts start crying and moan how he has parkinsons I will say the same thing I said about him before he ever got it, cunt is useless. His only job is to comment on Darts, thats it, and the useless prick knows less about the game than most people.
His knowledge of players outside the top 20 is pitiful. He should have been sacked years ago, but once he got the parkinsons there was no way sky were gonna sack the fucker, no one will sack a person with a disease in this day and age.

Here is the thing, if people truly want equality for all, then shouldn't the same criteria be applied to all, if someone is shit at a job, should they not be as easily sacked as someone not with a disease ?
I remember when Jeff Stelling was the presenter of Darts, and a far better presenter he was too, and then we got Dave Clarke who was shit,  I thought back in 2011 when David Croft went to Sky we would finally be rid of the useless Clark, but sadly for him, and us too it was also the time he was diagnosed which meant there was no sacking him.
Now he has been put  in the Hall of Fame, am I the only one who has no idea what he actually done to warrant being in it ?Yes he presented a show for 15 years...that was his job, and he got paid for it, but what else has he done in Darts ? Nothing !
I commend the lad for all his charity work for Parkinsons, but lets be honest collecting for charity, a charity he only started collecting for when he got it himself, is a good thing, but has nothing to do with Darts, who is going in next year ? That scruffy cunt Bob Geldof ? he collected for charity too.
Here is my main bone of contention, when the split in darts happened the top 16 players in darts left to form the WDC, 2 of which went scurrying back to the bdo like chicken shit cunts, but of the remaining 14, all those men not only risked their careers, but they put their entire livelihoods on the line for the then WDC when the BDO knowing and criminally tried to ruin them players. If it was not for those 14 players the PDC would not exist today.
Yet 10 of those 14 players who gave everything for the PDC are not in the Hall of Fame, but a useless Dave Clark is. How in the fuck can that be right ?

What did Dave Clark do for Darts that is more deserving of a spot than Bob Anderson, Jamie Harvey, Keith Deller, Jocky Wilson, Kevin Spiolek, Peter Evison, Cliff Lazerenko, Richie Gardner, Alan Warriner and Rod Harrington.?
Why is Matt Porter not in it ?
Why is Uncle Barry not in it ?
All these people far more deserving, and no inclusion.

I am convinced Clark is only in for PC reasons and nothing else, you only have to look at how they are trying to get rid of the walk on girls in the PDC, to see how the PC brigade are precious cunts.
Personally I dont give a flying fuck if they keep them or not, but find it funny that those people who are opposed to walk on girls because its demeaning to women, are the same assholes who have decided to be our moral compass whether we like it or not , who are now solely responsible for the same "demeaned" women losing their jobs, and the spin-offs they could have made on the side from their exposure on tv.
I wonder if those walk on girls who now lost a job are delighted with those people for costing them work and money ? Do they now feel less demeaned ?
I am sure some PC loving asshole will read this blog, get offended and tell other precious cunts so they too can flock here and also get offended. After all those people spend their lives going around looking for things to be offended about.

I almost forgot to mention, tonight at 7pm on sky sport was the PDC darts magazine show.
What sort of absolute moron thought putting it on at 7pm tonight was a good idea, when the PDC was on ITV at the very same time.Any PDC fan would be watching the live darts not some pre recorded shit. You would think Sky would have put it on earlier.

Friday, January 19, 2018

This weeks award goes to Tony O Shea. I know people are thinking its because he lost on both days so far of PDC Q-school, and that is a valid reason, however its not the main reason.
On Thurday he lost in his very first match to the Black hole of Entertainment, the man with as much charisma as a bucket of piss, Wes Newton. Today he lost to Andy Cornwall. If O shea cannot beat Newton who has been atrocious for a long long time or a jobber in Cornall then he has zero chance of qualifying.
If I am honest I would have liked to see O Shea get a card, the PDC crowd on the Euro tours would take to him as he seems a popular guy. He wins Knob of the Week mostly because of his stupidity, he spent arguably his best years buying the bullshit in the BDO.
He bought ever single lie, bullshit notion, false promises and announcements of announcement, so much so he once ever declared on twitter "the bdo is gonna grow x". He actually believed that shit !.
I wonder how much of a fool he must feel now for buying that shit and spending his best years drinking the KoolAid  Popcorn teeth was passing out and missed his chance in the PDC.
Darryl Fitton is no better, he too has had 2 disaster days, losing yesterday to  Michael Dawson and lost today in his first match to Jason Marriot.....2 nobodies. He too must regret leaving it so late.
Then maybe in their arrogance they thought they would stroll Q-school, we will never know.
Jeff Smith, Cameron Menzies and Jamie Hughes all struggling at Q-school and it seems it is not only an eye opener for them but their fans who were blinkered in to believing they were top players.
In fact I think Hughes getting to the last 32 is the best result by a switcher from the BDO in the UK Qualifiers.
Yet last week Fitton was heralded as one of the greats as he trod the piss soaked floorboards of Bobs hotel, the Professor Jamie Hughes last week was the BDO #3, and Tony O Shea who took time off from propping up the bar all week was giving out his "knowledge" on comms during Lakeshite.
Menzies was doing his amateur dramatics on the lakeshite stage.
Now a week later and all of them jobbing to the q-school jobbers.

I will however give Menzies Hughes and the younger BDO lads  some credit for have the testicular fortitude, and a spinal column and giving it a go while they were under the age of 40.Likewise with Noppert who seems to be almost assured of a card after 2 days on the Euro Q-school.

I read that Chris Mason was giving his expert opinion on things again on twitter accusing many of “clogging up” the field in Q-school.. Absolutely staggering coming from him when he was exactly one of those "cloggers" himself when he attempted Q-school.He never made it past the last 64 every time he entered. The same hypocrite is the first to spout the bdo "darts for all" mantra, and the "you pay your money" line when it suits him, so why are the PDC players not entitled to the same  ?
Who knows maybe this will get him to threaten me again, he dont like it when I point out the obvious.
Speaking of morons  I see Steve West this week claimed I must have a deathwish for mocking the BDO. Decides to call me a knob, which does not bother me but he will be the first one to cry when anything is said about him in return. Either he is so fucking thick and does not know what a deathwish is, ore he genuinely thinks mocking the BDO could see you killed. He wrote this reply to another cunt crying about me, not sure if it breaks DRA social media guidelines.

Steve West loves running his mouth on twitter. and social media like when the West brothers threatened to "slit the throat" of Jelle Klaasen when his scandal broke and the Wests were all over twitter like a rash claiming jelle sent the wife of one them some pictures as well,,,oddly nothing happened, and no one asked why back then the wife only came forward the time the story broke on Klaasen., and the whole thing discussed on multiple dart forums at the time.
Another one of Steve Wests tweets at the time before he deleted them was
 Steve West ‏@Stevewestdarts
Hope for jelle that he stays in the nick after what he has done , and from what i have heard from MY wife tonight he could be hoping to die

Who knows maybe he too will threaten me next as he seems like another one who would get offended when I simply repost their own comments and highlight their behavior.

Last Sunday I watched the Final of the Bob Potter January Jobber Jamboree and the way some mushrooms went on about it you would swear it was top quality. I have seen games in the last 48 of the PDC Euro tour with more quality. Mark McGeeney missed match darts an almost won the thing with an 88 average.
I was delighted Phantom of the Opera won though as I have always said he is the best player in the BDO, but also one of the weakest mentally and this final proved it, and in the end was lucky to win a game he should have wrapped up sets before. May well have been the last Potter Cup on terrestrial tv.
At this rate it might be the last event for a while on any TV.
It does not bode well for the bdo when its finalist and top 2 players are heading towards 50 year old, the younger players like Noppert, Hughes, Menzies, etc have all gone to Q-school
Usually the BDO this time of the year release announcements of announcements.
Maybe they are finally learning if there is no news dont make shit up and pretend there is, just accept ye are shit and live in hope no one else fucks off.

I see the mushrooms were kissing the hole of Durrant after his win and claiming him staying is a plus for the BDO, I would piss myself laughing if after his 100k clears he got a free Tourcard of Uncle Barry. The same mushrooms kissing his hole would be utterly seething and calling him a traitor.
Look at Phil Taylor and the other heroes who left the BDO to form the then WDC. Even today they still despise Taylor for leaving, they have never got over that.
Speaking of Taylor, his record for the highest average in a lakeshite final still unbroken and I doubt it will ever be broken by that lot.

Time for an updated version of the PDC conveyor belt pic

Friday, January 12, 2018

Knob of the Week goes to Scott Mitchell.
During his match this week he was seen running backstage as soon as his match was over....the fastest the fat cunt ever moved.
The story coming out of Lakeshite is that Paulyboy, partner of Deta Hedman and who is an EDO official was complimenting Darius during the interval of his game and high fiving Darius back stage.
Scott Mitchell seemingly was annoyed that Paulyboy was openly and loudly supporting Darius and not supporting the "England player". where Mitchell then called Paulyboy a "cunt" and a "traitor" and Paulyboy responded with some words of his own.
When Mitchell won he ran backstage where he had to be restrained from attacking Paulyboy who he tried to assault.
Mitchell who is about 6 foot 4 trying to attack a guy years older and smaller, who was not well shows what type of cunt he is.
I took great joy in seeing that cunt beaten in the comp and by a non English player as well.
I give Paulyboy some grief on forums myself but he is a good lad did not deserve that crap from a scut like Mitchell.

 The January Jobber Jamboree 2018  form the Salmonella Centre in Surrey was always going to be a competition of unintentional comedy from these morons in the BDO.
The first thing I noticed was the camera angle on the board. It was like the Frank Gallagher Effect, as if you were lying on the ground curled up looking up at the board. The audio was atrocious and summed up to perfection by a lad on twitter who said the sound of the darts hitting the board sounded like some cunt fucking apples at the side of a transit van.

The very first match saw old man Spineless Adams taking on the woeful McGeeney, and his scabies ridden arm. It was an atrocious standard that went the distance cos neither were good enough to win with ease. These low quality pub clashes with shit averages are known as "Lakeshite Classics" according to the mushrooms. The comms throughout this clusterfuck of a competition were a joke.
Vassos claimed in the second set of the match that this was "the engine room of the match" whatever the fuck that means. McGeeney is the worst former BDO# 1 I have ever seen and he fell over the line with his 86 average, an average better than what Scott Waites won this mickey mouse comp twice with.. The Daily Star later printed that Adams losing to the BDO #2 was a shock.

I laughed like a bastard when prior to Nick Kenny's match with Willem Mandigers Nicks girlfriend said Nick was wearing his lucky watch for the first time. How do you know its lucky then ?
Nick Kenny lost 3-0 in sets, so much for his lucky watch.
The rest of that session was utter shit, which was to be expected when you have 2 munters and a Gary Jobson match....still Jobson did not care, he only came for the piss up.

The evening session started with Chris Gilliland against Justin Thompson, I thought it was the worst match I have ever seen over 5 sets, I would soon realize later in the comp worse was to follow. Not a single leg in the entire match was won in 15 darts or less.
Next up was Lakeshite Choker Deta Hedman who won her game with a 66 average.
Yes, a 66 average can win you games in this comp that calls itself a "world Professional".
Next match was a yank jobber who had a 76 average in this "world pro"and then the Mitchell Darius game which was one of the few decent games of the comp.

DAY 2 started off with the expect rout of Gary Jobson by Phantom of the Opera. Oddly the same mushrooms who claim to love close games were out in force to defend one sided games as well as the BDO could do no wrong in their eyes..
They did not have to wait long for another "classic" when some Turkish jobber played the coal scavenger Chris Harris in possible the worst ever 5 set match I ever saw.
The Taffy had a 75 average, and he won the fucking match....that's how bad it was.
Next up was another munter match, here Fallon Sherrock won her game with a 70 average.....yes it was utter shit.
Last up was Mr Potato Scott Waites against Warty Montgomery, who decided to drag out his entrance and give us a laugh at him, not with him at his air guitar. He smiled and continued to smile as Mr Potato went about casually of pasting the snot out of him. Warty has since made comments which suggest he is going to Q-school , unless its all for attention which is what he loves.

The evening session started off with Nilsson against Sparidaans, when the dutch jobber was pasted 3-0 and had an average of 77. Next up another Munters match nearly made my eyes bleed when I saw the state of them, so went for a shit, which was apt, when I came back it was still going on, so went for a cup of tea, and when I came back it was thankfully over. Sharon Prinns 71 average too much for the other "player".
An all dutch jobber match followed as Derk Telnekes played Chris Landman., with Derk winning 3-0.
The spastic Paul Nicholson who took a break from discussing gay wrestling all week then claimed there was a player called Derk in the PDC - except there isn't, there is a Dirk.
Last up was Beavis lookalike, Medallion boy and fulltime jobber Wesley Harms against Wayne Warren. The Taffy roofer threw well and deserved to win, which meant we would get to see and hear his daughter again. She looked like Charlotte Church on meth who was pregnant with a gut and screaming like a banshee.
When Wayne Warren was being interviewed in the bar, Gary Jobson was still in the bar drinking. Ten hours after he got battered by Bells palsy Durrant.We all know Lakeshite is just a yearly piss up, but no point glorifying it.

DAY 3 - This was without doubt the worst day yet.There was 7 matches in toal on the monday, 14 players and not a single average in the entire day over 90.
It was so bad that even Trina Gullivers winning average of 80.62 was higher than 3 of the mens averages
First up was Michael MunterFucker who beat Dave Cameron who averaged 77.
Fatlad Daniel Day beat Craig Cadwell who averaged 80.38
Welsh Jobber Richie Edwards managed a 71 average against Danny Noppert - Seventy fucking One
The BDO call this shit a World championships.
The evening session kicked off with Belgian jobber Andy Baetens beating another jobber Scott Baker, dollowed by Bulldyke Trina winning her Munters match.
Dean Reynolds has no problem beating the atrocious Chris Harris. Harris who in his last match averaged 75, upped his game and finished with a 76 average.Worst player of the comp.
Last up was Fitton against Kiwi Justin Thompson, I could not be arsed to watch it as I knew it was gonna be shit, and seems i was right reading the comments of others.
The only bright spot was Gary Jobson lost his highest checkout bonus.

DAY 4 - Another day another useless coal scavenging Welsh Cunt got us going. He managed to come from 2-0 in sets. All he needed was an 81 average to rattle off 3 sets against Dennis Nilsson. Thats how bad it was.
Veenstra against McKinstry was up next and I enjoyed this game. The mick was appalling at the start but found some form to make a game out of it.
Next up was another munters match which was Aileen de Graaf against Bo Selecta who failed to win a single leg in the entire match..The "inform Paula Jacklin" finished with a 62.23 average, the lowest average of the competition, just lower than Rachna Davids 62.70 average..

But the best part was after the match a darts article on BBC had Paula calling for more money for the Munters game and then advertised her game against De Graaf coming was already over when the article came out.
The BDO not to be outdone by the BBC making retarded mistakes decided to make their own and posted that Paula Jacklin had 2 ton plus a game she failed to win a single leg

Last up was Geert de Vos against Derk Telenekes, Geerts winning average of 87 did not seem so bad after the shit we got all day.
The evening session saw binman Martin Phillips taking out some rubbish in Daniel Day and his 79 average. Anastasia beat the Dutch whale Anca with ease in the munters match.
Next up was Conan Whitehead, who got a promo that was so bad even i felt ashamed watching it.
He made shit of the retarded Cameron Menzies, who seemingly afterwards declared he was off to Q-school.
Last up was bdo #3 player Jamie Hughes.
Let that sink in....he is #3, McGeeney is #2, if that is not proof how bad things are in the bdo nothing will prove it. I was delighted to see MunterFucker beat the over rated mongo brummie.

DAY 5 - First up was that mincing fat scumbag cunt Mitchell against Belgian Euro Jobber Andy Baetens, in an enjoyable game, mostly because of the result which saw the farmer cunt get sent back home to his livestock, and beaten by a Foreigner to piss off the BNP crowd in attendance.
The human calculators wife was up next playing Tricia Wright in a munters match, no one cared about.
Last up in the session was McGeeney against Noppert. DannyNoppert was awful and maybe his mind was not right after recently losing his mum as I feel he would otherwise would have destroyed McGeeney and his usual 90 type average.
The evening session saw Welsh roofer Wayne Warren against Willem Mandigers, but did not watch it so dont know what it was like but the averages were mid 80s like most of the mens comp.
The next match of Phantom of the Opera against Darryl Fitton was the expected result. Fitton is shit and POTO is the most consistent player in the shit BDOeven if his bottle is questionable at times, which we would see later in the comp.
Last up  was Dean Reynolds against Mr Pototo head Waites. Glad to see Reynolds go out and take his army of mongs with him.
This evening session was possibly the best session of the was no coincidence that there was not a single munters match in the session...go figure.
The faster the BDO realize their product is already stale and adding shit munters matches only makes things worse the better.
The need to duck out the munters, let them get their own comp.
These witches claim to be as good as the men, but it the put the women in with the mens game the witches would be the first to cry.
They want more money, deta cried all week about wanting longer matches, fuck that, fuck them and fuck munters darts.

DAY 6 - This started off with the Youth final, and believe it was a decent encounter with some good finishes, but did not watch it, but was delighted to hear the PDC youngster not only won, but earned a share of Darryl Fittons highest checkout bonus.
Next was another munters match which Deta won against Prins.
The queer looking taffy Jim Williams was up next and his jammy lucky run continued with a win over Conan Whitehead with a winning averaged that broke the mythical 90 average.
Last up for the session was a second munters match which Trina and her 77 average was enough to hammer Aileen de Graaf.
The evening session started with yet another Munters match as Ashton beat Fallon Sherrock. Ashtons astronomical 73 average too much for Fallon..snigger.
MunterFucker was on next against Martin Phillips, and was an average match with the German winning. The funniest part was the Germans winning average...88.88.
The neo nazis in the lakeshite crowd might have got the joke at the time.
Was also good to see another Johnny foreigner winning.
Last up was Veenstra against Geert de vos. If jim Wailliam is the quif then Veenstra is the perm.
Geert de Vos either is the most bi polar performing player I have seen or he deliberately threw that match in some match fixing scam. It was an atrocious display and he should be fucking ashamed of himself.. Maybe he did not throw and he really is that much of a choker, lets face it Belgian are choking cunts anyway.

DAY 7 - First up was another Belgian Andy Baetens against Mr Potato Head, and the Belgian jobber led 4-1 in sets before he shat his load, choked and left the stage in tears after losing.
In the interview where he was crying you could see the other 2 belgian cunts Jackie and Geert in the background. Belgium the home of kiddie fiddlers, chokers, chocolate and  EU bureaucracy.
The comms in this game were a fucking disgrace, especially Rawling who never once tried to hide his bias and dislike for jihnny foreigner and his love for Yorkshire shit.Rawling is a fucking cunt.
The one time you would not mind seeing Chris Mason using a hammer.on

The second game of the afternoon session was the first Munters semi final and was delighted to see Anastasia Martin (well she is married) beat Trina Gulliver.

Last up was Quif boy against Phantom of the Opera and right from the off, the questionable bottle of Durrant was there to be seen,.He claimed beforehand that if he won he would stay in the BDO. That alone made me want him to win. I have zero desire to see that disfigured cunt who throws as quick as Justin Pipe hauling his bells palsy carcass to the PDC stinking up events. Even at 4-1 to the faggot looking Williams I was convinced Poto would wake up and comeback as Williams is dogshit.
And sure enough when POTO got a second set the result was never in doubt.
And with the win POTO could use the BDO contract as an excuse to make up for his lack of testicles, backbone and ambition and stay with the bdo.
The comms kept screaming POTO was staying  "for life". I would not wish that on anyone.

The evening session tonight started with Ashton against Deta in the Munters semi final, where Deta did her annual choke job. Shame as I like Deta, except when she is on comms as she is shit, and would like to see her win the title but it will never happen now.
 Next up was MunterFucker taking on Richard Veenstra and was an enjoyable game if not the best standard. The crowd was quiet for most of it, guess having 2 foreigners in this confused the "Johnny foreigner"hating scum in attendance. Was delighted to see the German lad win even though I like Veenstra as well..

I missed the game that just finished only catching glimpses of Wayne Warren against Mark McGeeney. I did however catch the vert first set and the promo for "Gladiator" Mark McGeeney. If you thought the Conan the Barbarian was bad, you saw nothing yet. I still feel ashamed for watching it, it was absolutely horrific.....everything we have come to expect from the BDO.
Caught the end of the last set as I was busy typing up this weeks report, and was hoping the coal Scavenger would win, even if it meant having to put up with the roaring and screaming daughter again.
In the 38 legs of that match McGeeney hit just 3 maximums, finished with a 91 average.....this is the bdo #2...

If the BDO #2  cannot beat the German tomorrow  it will be some disgrace.
In the other semi Poto plays Waites .
There is no doubt mentally Waites is leagues ahead of Durrant, and nowhere near as fragile, but POTO is a better scorer and if he gets his act together should win, and go on and win the title .
Part of me understands why he does not want to go to the PDC, besides him knowing he is simply not good enough, not mentally strong enough, he knows he is good enough to do a Martin Adams and sit back in the BDO and collect a 100k each year for a few years.
That is until Bo Selecta's husband reduces the prizefund to give more money to the munters,... now that would be funny and provide some great entertainment.

A mention for that spastic Paul Nicholson who spent the week sucking up to the munters and boring us all with his ridiculous wrestling talk. Not a single day this week did he give us a break from some faggot wrestling story. Useless cunt This wannabe Aussie from a Geordie shithole has the potential to be the next Tony Green....and no that's not a compliment.

Overall the standard for this comp has been on a par with recent years....shit.
 As said earlier the Musroom feeling threatened call these 5 set matches "classics" but the reality is when a guy can win a 5 set match with an average in the mid 70s you have to seriously ask how the fuck the BDO can call this a Wpr;ld Pro or a world championship.

That said there has been a handful of decent matches , and the 2 brightest parts were the Welsh roofer Wayne Warren and the German MunterFucker., while neither threw anything spectacular , they just got up and got on and showed bottle at crucial times, more than what the likes of some seeds did like the useless Mongo Hughes, Geert de vos and other useless cunts.

A Munterfucker against Phantom of the Opera is my hope for the Final but suspect its a step too far for Ze German, but hopefully proved wrong.

Some other stuff that made me laugh during the week,

Danny Crates : Batens putting out his arm to shake hands with the useless Danny Crates, who lets face it only has the job because of his disability status and to make the channel look lie its so politically correct.
I did giggle when he said today you got to hand it to Scott Waites....maybe its just my sense of humor.

Paul Nicholson claiming "The ladies' competition for me is the highlight of this year" - fucking moron. He also thought the Gulf of Mexico was near Tennesse. He then took to twitter to say the highlight of his day was the wrestling banter he had with Rawling - not the actual darts he was there to commentate on. He did upset the mushrooms when he mentioned how big the segments were on the toy winmau boards.

Chris Mason : Him saying that the bdo call it a World championships but its more a family event, did not sit well with the mushroom.

Tony O Shea : The guy seemed to spend every minute in the bar when he was not on comms making mistake after mistake, getting players names mixed up.During the Harris -v-Turk game which was atrocious and seemed to go on forever he said a bull off in a decider could take twenty minutes. It was almost as funny as him trying to boast about a bdo conveyor belt. But his funniest comment was him claiming Tony West won the masters in 2004, wrong,  Merv King won it, you should know, he beat you in the final.

John Rawling : Claimed Ashton looked good winning her game, a game where she averaged 74.
During the Turk-v-Harris game it got so bad he even admitted to "forget about the averages".

Vassos  Alexander ; He came out with this beauty, saying the doubles you miss are the ones that hurt the shit einstein.

Next Week I will be posting a complete howlers list compiled by a friend of mine.

Friday, January 5, 2018


I was contacted this week and asked would I give Knob of the Week to Barry Hearn for including Simon Shitlock in the 2018 Premier League. There is no denying that Shitlock's inclusion is in my opinion a waste of a spot. Adrian Lewis, James Wade and Dave Chisnall deserved to be booted out as they were stale and had a shit year in the PDC, and the 2 jobber cunts of Jelle Klaasen and Kim Huybrechts wasted their opportunities they were given, but lets face it this is not Shitlocks first opportunity either, the last time he blew it as well.
As much as I do not like Gurney he deserves his spot, even a valid argument could be made for that coal scavenging manlet Gerwyn Price , but there were others far more deserving than Shitlock, like Dimitri who is in better form and deserved a chance.Jamie Lewis another more deserving.
Even that dutch version of Mervyn King the elongated string of misery Vincent van der Voort would be more tolerable than Shitlock even if it is still only a glorified non ranking exhibition.
But I am not giving the award to Uncle Barry, how could I, after the fantastic World championships at Ally Pally just finished. How could you give the PDC chairman the award in a week where Rob Cross proved everything Uncle Barry said  darts is all about. Cross coming right off the challenge tour wins the World Title proving everything Hearn said about if you are good enough and have the ability the PDC will give you the chance, regardless of your sex.
And now this week on the eve of the BDO Comedy Festival in Bob Potters Palace of Piss, Uncle Barry announced another 700k will be added to the 2019 World Championships, and the number of players from around the world will increase.

Maybe I thought I should give it to Ross Montgomery for running his mouth every day in the build up to the January Jobber Jamboree in Surrey, then thought No, why does he deserve it for telling the truth about how shit the BDO is, even if it did take him over a decade to realize what we all knew anyway. The more I think of it, Warty is right to get as much media attention for himself in the build up, lets face it, the BDO are hardly gonna get you attention unless its for the wrong reasons or spell your name wrong,, claim you are from the wrong country or generally fuck things up as they have continued to do on the bdo website, and twitter.
Even the former BDO #1 and current BDO #2  Mark McGeeney wrote this week "I think one day I will switch to the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) because that is the future of darts as far as I'm concerned."

I cannot wait to see how the BDO spin this when their top players openly admit the PDC is better.

This is the weekend where the hilariously entitled " BDO World Pro" starts, and where is all the media attention for this comedy gig ?
ITV and BBC news have been busy this week discussing the PDC, the retirement of Taylor, the fairytale story of Rob Cross, and just when it was starting to die down and the morons running the BDO stupidly thought someone might give a shit about their amateur product, up pops Uncle Barry with his news about the 2019 Ally Pally to yet again hog the media attention.

So this week I have added a Poll to the very bottom of the page to let the readers  vote on who should win, and the choices are

1. The BDO Board for being utterly stupid, useless, clueless, illiterate and if they had any shame would resign.

2. The players, -yes they deserve better, but things did not get shit overnight in the BDO, they bought the boards lies, bullshit, false promises etc year in year out, and sucked it up. But if they are too stupid to do anything about it, they deserve it..

3. The Fans - These people are the most retarded of all, at least the board know they can fuck up as much as the want as the fans, and members, county players, officials etc wont do anything but accept it bar the odd one cry on social media. Maybe they too are getting what they deserve.

Most years I look forward to Lakeshite, as its one huge laugh, from Gary Jobson on a hoverboard, pensioners fighting over quality street sweets, Trina the Dyke lubing up the arm of a pissed up Atkins, beach whales passing themselves off as "women" horsing points in the bar, the 1970s style of bigotry and racism, the blatant dislike of Johnny Foreigner, and of course the atrocious standard of Darts that they call "professional". The Edinburgh Comedy Festival has nothing on this.
In the words of ex convict and jobber Chris Mason its car crash TV,...oh wait.....we must pretend he did not say that anymore since he went crawling back to their events , and will this week be giving a chilly reception to a load of lads who are paying money to attend Bob run down Darts event.
Cos this is how the BDO operate, you threaten even your own fans who pay money to attend your events.
I wonder if Uncle Barry will have a little giggle this week and think about the time the BDO turned down his offer of 2 million quid, and smile yet again how lucky he was they refused.

Poll at the bottom of the page...........I said Poll not Pole, as we know how the BDO hates foreigners , especially Poles when they pop in an win the Winmau Masters and fuck off back to the PDC.

And finally well done to Rob Cross who beat MVG and Taylor and capped off an incredible year.
To see MVG go out and cry like a bitch was the icing on the cake.